Our brand isn’t a logo.
We are not a five letter abbreviation.

Our brand is the students we educate and the teachers who educate them.

We are an entity.
A place.
A destination.

The strength of Round Rock ISD’s schools, departments, offices, and programs contribute to the collective excellence of the District. And for these individual departments, schools, and programs, a connection to Round Rock ISD’s identity instantly links them to more than 100 years of academic excellence, a reputation for innovation, relationship building, rich programming, and a legacy for preparing students to be future-ready.

A clear and consistent visual identity conveys to the world the relationship across the Round Rock ISD community and what it means to be a part of the District. In an era of intense visual competition, Round Rock ISD’s visual strategy is founded on building and sustaining a strong, easily recognizable identity that ensures that every school, department, and program in the District benefits from our well-established reputation of excellence.

Round Rock ISD’s visual identity provides standards to:

Brand recognition

Support schools, departments, programs with the extension of the District’s “brand” recognition. 

The most commonly discussed element of a brand identity is a mark, or logo. It communicates the brand even when it stands alone. However, the logo is not the key to a strong brand. Ensuring that all of the brand elements consistently work together — experience, brand story, visual identity, marks — builds the brand. A clear and consistent identity system is vital to building and maintaining a celebrated reputation.

Avoid dilution

Avoid dilution of the District’s strong identity.

Smart brands build their reputations on their uniqueness and distinctiveness. Avoid using acronyms when referring to the District, school, or department. When an acronym is used rather than spelling out our name, we miss the opportunity to put the uniqueness and distinctiveness of our full name in front of our audience and become memorable.

Reinforce values

Reinforce shared identity, community, and values.

The Central Texas region is one of the most desirable destinations for families to live, work, and raise a family. Round Rock ISD’s reputation for excellence is a contributing factor that motivates families and global companies to relocate to the region. The District’s brand must be able to extend and sustain our reputation for excellence beyond the area, nationally, even globally.

Round Rock ISD Trademarks – External use guidelines

  • The trademarks owned by the Round Rock Independent School District, for the District and for its schools and programs (collectively, the “Round Rock ISD Trademarks”) are protected by trademark laws and can only be used with written permission from the District communications department.
  • For these Guidelines, Round Rock ISD Trademarks shall include all registered or unregistered trademarks and service marks (such as words, names, symbols, logos, taglines, or any combination of these).
  • The Round Rock ISD communications department reviews all usage requests to ensure the proper and appropriate use of the Round Rock ISD Trademarks and to ensure quality representation of the Round Rock ISD Trademarks concerning color and size for any intended external purpose in print or web format.
  • Fair use of the Round Rock ISD name and logos and use of an individual school or program name or logo by media for description and identification is permissible. However, the fair use of these names and marks is permitted under limited circumstances and should not be assumed.
  • Any unauthorized use of the Round Rock ISD Trademarks or use of the Round Rock ISD Trademarks in any way that suggests an endorsement, sponsorship, or affiliation where none exists will result in a demand to cease use of the Round Rock ISD Trademarks immediately. The Round Rock Independent School District reserves the right to take any and all necessary legal measures to protect its intellectual property rights and the goodwill associated with the Round Rock ISD Trademarks.
  • Selling items that include a Round Rock ISD Trademark without express written permission is an infringement of the Round Rock Independent School District’s rights and will not be allowed.

Logo permission request form

Please fill out our form to request use of the Round Rock ISD logo, department logo or campus logos.